Some updates

The download section have been updated today. You will find there two new links appart from the ScriptFTP installer file. The first one is a PDF version of the scripting guide (update: no longer available, use the web version instead). A printable version of the guide have been a request from a long time ago, even in the early days of ScriptFTP, three years ago. So it’s finally here. The other download is an encryption tool for the script files. This tool is not new, it has been here for a while as some of you have already know reading this topic of the scripting guide. I’ve just placed it in a more visible page. Many users didn’t notice at all that this tool actually existed (they even requested its creation by email when it was already created). But note that the tool is only available for customers who purchased ScriptFTP, sorry! I have no problem to give it for free for the people trying ScriptFTP but I find this way more secure. I hope everyone understand this policy.

If you have been reading the forum you probably have noticed that some minor bugs have been reported and patched recently. This means that a new version of ScriptFTP (3.2) will be released soon, probably this week or the next. If want to try it out the last build (which includes most patches) feel free to try the development version (update: link no longer available). Note that this build aims to be only for testing purposes.