ScriptFTP 4.3

17th July 2017

This is mainly a bug fixing release but it comes with the notable addition of a new separate command to set the SSH key file path:

– Added the command SETKEYFILE for SSH connections
– License key dialog now accepts line breaks. It is easier to enter a license key that is not a straight line (easier copy/pasting)
– The autorun window now has links to the ScriptFTP scheduler and the windows task scheduler.
– The output options window now shows a preview of the commands that will be added to the script with links to the web site.
– Fixed a bug in SYNC UPLOAD that happened when an existing remote file name is lowercased or uppercased.
– Fixed the link in the scheduled script dialog that pointed to the windows task scheduler.
– Fixed some performance issues when uploading and downloading files on very fast network connections.
– Fixed an issue that happened when subtracting dates. Resulted value was incorrectly formatted.
– “0 bytes/sec” is no longer shown in the status bar when the transfer is finished but ScriptFTP is jumping to another file.
– Fixed a bug in GETFILE2 and PUTFILE2 where file paths were not working properly.
SYNC now deletes the local temporary files it creates to know the clock time difference.