ScriptFTP 3.4 – development status

5th December 2010

As some users in the forum have pointed, during 2010 there were no updates for ScriptFTP. This does not mean in any way that ScriptFTP is not being actively developed. On the contrary, small fixes for the current version have been released and the installation package available in the download section has been replaced quite often.

Long awaited features such as SFTP support (FTPS is already supported) are being developed and will arrive with the new version. But note that as SFTP is a completely different protocol from FTP and FTPS (although the name is almost equal), ScriptFTP must be almost rewritten to support it. We also have decided to build ScriptFTP from ground-up with a totally different design approach and use C# instead C++, and ScriptFTP has thousands of lines of source code.
So be patient! The year that is about to arrive in a few hours will take us new versions and great improvements.