How ScriptFTP 4.1 looks on high-dpi screens

15th August 2016

Since the version 3, ScriptFTP has relied Windows Forms to build its buttons, panels etc. This is one of the many available tools that we the software developers use to build user interfaces, a very popular in fact. But since high density displays (high DPI displays) are becoming more and more popular, users of the apps that use this technology notice that they look bad on their shiny new screens. They only have two choices: scale everything up, making these apps look pixelated or keep their original size and struggle to understand anything on the program because every element is shown tiny, almost unreadable.

Fortunately, some time ago, Microsoft released new programmer tools to build user interfaces (WPF and XAML) that scale gracefully across different screen sizes and pixel densities. The latest version of ScriptFTP (v4.1 and still under development) has been built using these tools and looks much better on modern computers. Take a look at the difference, older version on the left, new version on the right:



If you want to try the beta version feel free to drop an email at . Most of the things are already working except the script scheduler.

New web site

4th August 2016

It has been a long time since the last time the ScriptFTP web site has changed its looks. Except for minor updates in the Examples and Documentation section. We have finally made the conversion of all of its contents to a brand new server and a completely redesigned look.

The changes? Most of them related to the new stardards for web site development. You know, responsiveness for firendly mobile view, bigger elements for high dpi displays and so on. Now let’s focus on the next release of the program.