Lists in ScriptFTP

24th November 2016

ScriptFTP, as many script languages, does not have data types. This makes the script language and its syntax a lot easier to learn but not as powerful as others. Think of it as being “not so descriptive” and “less complex”.┬áThe drawback, in practice, is that you cannot handle things like “lists”,”sets” etc. Everything is a plain text string and you need to deal with this limitation to get the things done.

Regarding to the lists. How can the FTP script handle a list? There is a shortcut:

$my_list = "my_item_number_1|my_item_number_2|my_item_number_3"
FOREACH $item_name IN $my_list

Running the script you get:



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How to run a scheduled FTP script in the background

16th November 2016

The ScriptFTP integrated scheduler is used to set a script to be run at given times. Once a script is scheduled the Windows Task programming service will automatically launch ScriptFTP.exe with the appropiate parameters and a window will pop-up in the user desktop and do the file transfer. Some users find this annoying and want the FTP script to be run in the background. This post covers this issue.


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ScriptFTP 4.1

7th November 2016

This new release comes with the following changes

  • Brand new user interface that works fine under high DPI displays (mostly newer laptops and high end screens). If you see the ScriptFTP window very small or with a normal size but blurry this release will solve the issues
  • New ScriptFTP scheduler that works under the newest version of the Windows Task Programming service (Windows 8/10)
  • Faster script execution and separate process for script running
  • The status bar shows buttons to quickly access to script autorun and script output settings.
  • Updated security SSH and SSL protocols with the latest revisions.
  • Other minor bug fixes.