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ScriptFTP 3.0 released

28th July 2008

After months of testing by customers and beta testers I’m proud to announce that ScriptFTP version 3.0 has been finally released. This new version supports a more powerful script language and 6 new commands, you can expect also faster file synchronizations. The website has suffered also a major redesign to be as clear as possible. The complete list of changes is as follows:

Script language changes:

  • Every variable must start with the $ character.
  • Every label (used for GOTO jumps) must start with the : character. See the GOTO examples.
  • Support for the arithmetical operators: +,-,*,/,==,!=,<,<=,>,>=
  • Support for the logical operators AND and OR.
  • Support for the text string operator ‘.’ (dot) used to concatenate text strings easily.
  • The commands ADD, ISEQUAL, NOT and CONCAT are deprecated. Use the appropiate operator instead.
  • The TIMEDIFF command has been renamed to SETCLOCKDIFF
  • The SETSSL command has been renamed to SETPROTOCOL
  • The TALKATIVE command has been renamed to VERBOSE
  • Text strings can be also delimited with the ‘ character.

New features:

  • Much faster file synchronization algorithm.
  • Server-client time difference is calculated once per session, not once per SYNC call.
  • The ScriptFTP main window position and size is now saved. The next time you open a ScriptFTP it will be shown with the same size and position.
  • Script syntax errors are now reported before the script execution, not when the script error is reached.
  • New command line parameter /TRAY to start ScriptFTP in the system tray.
  • New command line parameter /HIDE to start ScriptFTP in the background. No window is shown.
  • New command line parameter /AUTOCLOSE to make ScriptFTP automatically close itself once the script is finished. No window is shown.

New commands:

  • VERBOSE: It shows on the ScriptFTP window the raw communication between ScriptFTP and FTP the server. Useful for troubleshooting.
  • STOP: It stops the script execution. It does not close the ScriptFTP window.
  • SETUPLOADMODE: It changes the way ScriptFTP uploads files.
  • FOREACH: Loop used to perform a separate action for each file.
  • GETLIST: It gets a file list and stores it in a variable.
  • QUOTE: Sends raw commands to the FTP server.


  • RENAMEFILE, files with more than one dot are now renamed right.
  • Scheduler fixed, had some errors in script list handling.
  • The script file are no longer blocked during the execution. You can edit them even while ScriptFTP is running that script file.
  • The Quit menu item now always works
  • SYNC now deletes the temporary files that creates.


News prior July 2008

5th July 2008
  • Jun 19 2008
  • New build of ScriptFTP 3.0 Release Candidate is available

    This new build addresses some bugs related to the way the vertical scroll bar is handled during the script execution and other internal bugs related to memory handling and the script language compiler.
    It is not expected to add more features, only bug fixing. Depending on the testers feedback this build could be finally released as ScriptFTP 3.0. Any feedback is very appreciated. You can download it here.

  • Jun 3 2008

    ScriptFTP 3.0 Release Candidate available for download

    The ScriptFTP 3.0 version is almost finished but before releasing it on the main site I would like to make it available for further testing. This release is a step ahead over the ScriptFTP 3.0 Beta, and now is considered stable software. Please, consider sending any feedback to

  • Jan 28 2008

    ScriptFTP 3.0 still under development

    Six months have passed since the last update of the news page. I would like to report that the 3.0 Beta version is still being developed. A major redesing of the script parser of ScriptFTP is being done and the release deadline has been moved to the second quarter of 2008.

  • May 6 2007

    ScriptFTP 3.0 Beta Released (free update for registered users)

    I’m proud of announcing the ScriptFTP 3.0 Beta version. This relase is intended to let the users test it and get some feedback. As soon as the bugs that might appear are fixed it will be released as 3.0.
    Please, feel free to try it and send any comment to

  • May 24 2006

    ScriptFTP 2.3 Released

    – SYNC, GETFILE and PUTFILE are now able to automatically recover and resume transfers when the connection times out.
    – Fixed an error that happened in some FTP servers when renaming a temporary file to the definitive filename.

  • April 7 2006

    ScriptFTP 2.2 Released

    – Now SYNC will only delete files when UPLOAD_DELETE or UPLOAD_DELETE is used. See SYNC.
    – New options added to the GETDATE command for getting only the year, month, day, hour or minute.
    – Fixed a bug in the installer. Registering the DLL now works on Windows 2000.

  • March 21 2006

    EXEC and Scheduler bugs fixed

    If you have experienced that EXEC produces no output this was related to a programming error. Download the fixed ScriptFTP version from the download section.
    A scheduler error that does not allow some users to add a script to the scheduler have also been solved.

  • March 14 2006

    ScriptFTP v2.1 has arrived. New features:

    – Script file encoding. Now you can encode script files with sensitive information such as passwords, user names and remote server information. More information here. The old scheme to encrypt passwords in the OPENHOST command has been removed.
    – New command to retrieve your own command line parameters. See GETPARAM.
    – The ScriptFTP window stops scrolling when the user moves the scroll bar.
    – The SETPROTOCOL command now supports FTPS explicit with encrypted data channel.

  • February 14 2006

    Some bugs fixed

    – Folder/subfolder download may fail in some very specific FTP servers. Fixed.
    – ScriptFTP now tries to reconnect automatically (one time) if the connection is lost during a file transfer.
    – Added support to apply CHMOD on directories. See CHMOD help topic.

  • February 2 2006

    Added an optional parameter to the SYNC command

    By default, the SYNC command syncronizes all the files found in the specified directories. I’ve just added an optional parameter to tell SYNC to syncronize only a set of files. Take a look at the updated the reference of the SYNC command.
  • February 2 2006

    Added an optional parameter to the SYNC command

    By default, the SYNC command syncronizes all the files found in the specified directories. I’ve just added an optional parameter to tell SYNC to syncronize only a set of files. Take a look at the updated the reference of the SYNC command.
  • March 23 2004 – February 2 2006

    News prior 2006 have been removed.