ScriptFTP 4.6

17th July 2019

This new release comes with two new commands (EXIST and TEXTFILEREAD ) and support for the latest SFTP encryption algorithms. As usual, some other bug fixes have been addressed.

  • [New] Support for the latest SSH encryption algorithms. This will allow ScriptFTP to log in to the SFTP server than enforce the client to support the latest security standards.
  • [New] Added a new command: EXIST . With it you can quickly check if a file already exists without using GETLIST and FOREACH
  • [New] Added a new command: TEXTFILEREAD. It is used to read the full contents of a text file and store them in a variable.
  • [Fix] SETPASSIVE was only working when used after OPENHOST. Fixed to be working whether or not is used after or before.
  • [Fix] SETSPEED was not working as expected in some servers.
  • [Fix] Fixed the default position if the schedule script window. It was being centered in the primary screen instead of the parent window
  • [Fix] Fixed the text box where the minutes of a scheduled script was entered was not padding zeroes on minutes. For example. It showed 12:1 instead of 12:01
  • [Fix] Fixed an infinite loop that happened when called ScriptFTP.exe from ScriptFTP itself
  • [Fix] Many minor bugs have been fixed. Mostly related to memory management and performance.


ScriptFTP 4.5

5th February 2018
  • [New feature] Sending emails from ScriptFTP is now much easier thanks to the new command SENDEMAIL. Previously it was required to use the EXEC command to call and external program. The SMTP email server is set up using SETEMAILSERVER and SETEMAILSERVERPORT
  • [Fixed] ScriptFTP_console.exe was always returning 0 as exit code. Even when the EXIT command was used with a non-zero exit code
  • [Fixed] More detailed error messages when an internal error happens
  • [Fixed] OUTPUTDETAIL(SILENT) was wrongly showing the “skipped file” message on SYNC
  • [Fixed] Stopping the script with the ESC key was being attempted by ScriptFTP even when the script was not running producing an error message.
  • [Fixed] PUTFILE2 was not working at all. Fortunately, this command is not used very often and this is because it was unnoticed.
  • [Fixed] SYNC now set the new file modification times using the server-client clock time difference when available.
  • [Fixed On the first startup the ScirptFTP window was being placed in the upper left corner of the first screen. Now it is up to Windows to place the window on the first run. Then the last position is saved.
  • [Fixed] The output of the EXEC command was not showing the line breaks of the output of the external command properly. Sometimes everything was being shown in one line.
  • [Fixed] Forced to use UTF8 encoding on SFTP.
  • [Fixed] The FTP protocol command PWD was called once for every remote file when the ScriptFTP’s SYNC was used even when the file did not match the wildcard. This caused many not required PWD calls to the FTP server.
  • [Fixed] The ScriptFTP setup failed sometimes when there was no internet connection. Now it handles the connection error properly.


ScriptFTP 4.4

2nd October 2017

This is another small bug fixing release. Unless you have experienced problems installing ScriptFTP or use IBM zOS servers it is not worth applying this small update.

  • Fixes on how RAWCOMMAND and FTP protocol NOOP command are sent to IBM zOS servers
  • Fixed some WinHTTP Runtime errors during setup.
  • Hot keys F5,F8 and ESC now works regardless of the element of the ScriptFTP window has the focus
  • SILENT mode fixes. SYNC now shows the uploads/downloads even on silent mode as it was supposed to happen.



ScriptFTP 4.3

17th July 2017

This is mainly a bug fixing release but it comes with the notable addition of a new separate command to set the SSH key file path:

– Added the command SETKEYFILE for SSH connections
– License key dialog now accepts line breaks. It is easier to enter a license key that is not a straight line (easier copy/pasting)
– The autorun window now has links to the ScriptFTP scheduler and the windows task scheduler.
– The output options window now shows a preview of the commands that will be added to the script with links to the web site.
– Fixed a bug in SYNC UPLOAD that happened when an existing remote file name is lowercased or uppercased.
– Fixed the link in the scheduled script dialog that pointed to the windows task scheduler.
– Fixed some performance issues when uploading and downloading files on very fast network connections.
– Fixed an issue that happened when subtracting dates. Resulted value was incorrectly formatted.
– “0 bytes/sec” is no longer shown in the status bar when the transfer is finished but ScriptFTP is jumping to another file.
– Fixed a bug in GETFILE2 and PUTFILE2 where file paths were not working properly.
SYNC now deletes the local temporary files it creates to know the clock time difference.


ScriptFTP 4.2

1st June 2017

A new release is here. The changes are mostly bug fixes and setup enhancements:

– Setup now runs ngen.exe for faster program startup. What is ngen?
– Setup now opens ScriptFTP and the Lesson 1 of the FTP scripting guide after finishing the install.
– Setup shows the End User License Agreement (EULA) before installing. Nothing changed in the EULA but it seems that in some countries this is required before installing any software.
– Fixed a bug in RENAMEFILE command when using more than one dot when changing file extensions. For example: RENAMEFILE (“*.xml”,”*.xml.collect”)
– Fixed some weird quoting bugs in the EXEC command.
– When plain FTP is used a warning message is shown when OPENHOST is called.
– Fixed $ in passwords. String expansion which was a hidden feature has been removed.
– If SETPORT is used SETPROTOCOL will not set the port automatically and will keep the port set beforehand.
– Fixed an error where SYNC was not checking if a directory to be uploaded was in the exclusion list


ScriptFTP 4.1

7th November 2016

This new release comes with the following changes

  • Brand new user interface that works fine under high DPI displays (mostly newer laptops and high end screens). If you see the ScriptFTP window very small or with a normal size but blurry this release will solve the issues
  • New ScriptFTP scheduler that works under the newest version of the Windows Task Programming service (Windows 8/10)
  • Faster script execution and separate process for script running
  • The status bar shows buttons to quickly access to script autorun and script output settings.
  • Updated security SSH and SSL protocols with the latest revisions.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


New web site

4th August 2016

It has been a long time since the last time the ScriptFTP web site has changed its looks. Except for minor updates in the Examples and Documentation section. We have finally made the conversion of all of its contents to a brand new server and a completely redesigned look.

The changes? Most of them related to the new stardards for web site development. You know, responsiveness for firendly mobile view, bigger elements for high dpi displays and so on. Now let’s focus on the next release of the program.



ScriptFTP 4 version released

2nd December 2014

After many months of beta testing the version 4 will finally replace the version 3.3 (Although the old version can still be found in the Attic.

The changes from the version 3.3 are:

  • SFTP support (previously only FTPS and plain FTP were supported)
  • Faster script execution, lower load time.
  • Automatically recover from lost connections and partial file transfers due connection fails.
  • Integration with the task scheduler on newer versions of Windows (7, 8 and 8.1)
  • Many minor changes and small fixes.


ScriptFTP 4 Beta status

23rd March 2014

The first beta of ScriptFTP 4 was released a year ago. Since its very first build dozens of bugs and problems have been solved. As of today this is what is missing or does not work completely fine, in other words this is what is left to replace the trusty and old version 3.3:

  • It does not load encrypted scripts
  • RENAMEFILE does not take correctly relative paths
  • SFTP transfers do not show detailed info when VERBOSE(ON) is used.
  • There are some problems with large file transfers ( files > 1 GB). When the transfer interrumpted it does not resume the transfer.
  • Some further testing on Windows XP is required.
  • Scripts running indefinitely (with infinite WHILE loops, for example) may generate memory leaks. This also requires further testing.

If you find any problems with the beta please report contacting us or post a message in the forum


ScriptFTP 4 beta release

5th April 2013

ScriptFTP with SFTP support is finally here. It has taken longer than expected as a completely redesign of the program was required to accommodate SFTP, a completely different protocol than FTP and FTPS.

Be aware that this is only a Beta release for testing only. Use the old and trusty version of ScriptFTP (3.3) if you require a bullet proof solution. Eventually, as soon as this beta release is extensively tested it will replace the version 3.

You can download it at the download section.

The changes are the following:

  • [New] SFTP support. More info.
  • [New] Simpler use of ADDEXCLUSION. More info
  • [New] Script scheduling now supports all the settings that the Windows task programming service support. Not only the basic ones such as time of day, periodicity etc.
  • [Fix] Faster script execution. Completely rewritten script engine
  • [Fix] Faster script start-up

If you have any comments or find any problem with this beta version please, let us know