ScriptFTP 3.3 has been released

30th September 2009

This new release of ScriptFTP comes with many bug fixes and the update is highly recommended, specially if you run ScriptFTP on Windows Vista/7/Server 2008. The new features are the following:


  • [New command] GETFILE2. Downloads a file and sotres it using the specified file name.
  • [New command] PUTFILE2. Uploads a file and stores it using the specified file name.
  • [New command] SETFILETIME. Sets the file modification time of a local or remote file.
  • [New command] ISCONNECTED. Checks if the connection with the FTP server is still alive.
  • [New command] SETTIMEOUT. Sets the number of seconds ScriptFTP will wait for a server response before droping an error.
  • [New command] STOPLOG.
  • [Other] ScriptFTP error codes have been sorted and changed in this version. For further reference, a complete list of them has been written. It is available here.
  • [Other] GETDATE has changed its name to GETTIME. For backwards compatibility GETDATE could be still used.

As usual, the setup file is available in the Downloads section.

Feel free to comment anything related to this new release in the forum or contacting the support.