ScriptFTP 4.5

5th February 2018
  • [New feature] Sending emails from ScriptFTP is now much easier thanks to the new command SENDEMAIL. Previously it was required to use the EXEC command to call and external program. The SMTP email server is set up using SETEMAILSERVER and SETEMAILSERVERPORT
  • [Fixed] ScriptFTP_console.exe was always returning 0 as exit code. Even when the EXIT command was used with a non-zero exit code
  • [Fixed] More detailed error messages when an internal error happens
  • [Fixed] OUTPUTDETAIL(SILENT) was wrongly showing the “skipped file” message on SYNC
  • [Fixed] Stopping the script with the ESC key was being attempted by ScriptFTP even when the script was not running producing an error message.
  • [Fixed] PUTFILE2 was not working at all. Fortunately, this command is not used very often and this is because it was unnoticed.
  • [Fixed] SYNC now set the new file modification times using the server-client clock time difference when available.
  • [Fixed On the first startup the ScirptFTP window was being placed in the upper left corner of the first screen. Now it is up to Windows to place the window on the first run. Then the last position is saved.
  • [Fixed] The output of the EXEC command was not showing the line breaks of the output of the external command properly. Sometimes everything was being shown in one line.
  • [Fixed] Forced to use UTF8 encoding on SFTP.
  • [Fixed] The FTP protocol command PWD was called once for every remote file when the ScriptFTP’s SYNC was used even when the file did not match the wildcard. This caused many not required PWD calls to the FTP server.
  • [Fixed] The ScriptFTP setup failed sometimes when there was no internet connection. Now it handles the connection error properly.