New web site

4th August 2016

It has been a long time since the last time the ScriptFTP web site hasĀ changed its looks. Except for minor updates in the Examples and Documentation section. We have finally made the conversion of all of its contents to a brand new server and a completely redesigned look.

The changes? Most of them related to the new stardards for web site development. You know, responsiveness for firendly mobile view, bigger elements for high dpi displays and so on. Now let’s focus on the next release of the program.



New search engine for

21st June 2009

As the contents of keep growing day by day a small search engine has been added. This way the visitors can find the required information easily. You can see it on the right of website toolbar with a small magnifying glass icon. Enjoy šŸ™‚


ScriptFTP forum opened

14th August 2008

AĀ discussion forumĀ has been opened to provide a place for the users to interact with other users or the people that develops and mantains ScriptFTP. Support questions will be also answered in the forum so if you think that your question about scripting or anything else may help other users don’t hesitate to post it in the forum. Of course, theĀ email supportĀ is still opened for those who prefer privacy. Any suggestions or comments about future relases of ScriptFTP are also welcome at theĀ forum.