A dump of random common questions

18th January 2017

I would like to obtain the encryption tool.

It is needed to buy a license in order to get the script enryption tool. You can find more information here.
Once you hace purchased the license please ask for a link to the tool at support@scriptftp.com


How can i start a scheduled task every hour at XX:55 and at startup of scriptFTP

You need to create a scheduled task within ScriptFTP and then open the windows task scheduler (usually under the control panel). Once you have located that task in the windows scheduler, open it and go to the “Triggers” tab. There you have to schedule the task to be run daily at, for instance, 00:55 and to be repeated every hour for one day.
To run a script file at the ScriptFTP startup you need to create a shortcut in windows that calls ScriptFTP wiith these parameters:

C:\Program Files(x86)\ScriptFTP\ScriptFTP.exe "C:\the_path\to_my_script\the_script_file.ftp"