ScriptFTP 3.2 released

12th January 2008

This new release contains some bug fixes and three new commands: SETMODEZGETFILESIZE and GETFILETIME. As usual, the update is for free. The installation file is available from the download section. The detailed list of changes is the following:

  • [New command] SETMODEZ. Use it to enable or disable on the fly compression during file download or upload.
  • [New command] GETFILESIZE. Returns the size of a local or remote file in bytes.
  • [New command] GETFILETIME. Returns the last mofication time of a local or remote file.
  • [Bug fix] Uploading a file that was being used by other program and not available for reading caused SYNC and PUTFILE to abort. Now this error is only a warning and the upload continues.
  • [Bug fix] GETFILE and PUTFILE showed two error messages instead of one when connection to the server was lost. Now only a connection lost error message is shown.
  • [Bug fix] Wrong syntax errors were reported when RAWCOMMAND was used in the script file. Fixed.
  • [Bug fix] PUTFILE was always retrieving remote file listing when most of the times is not necessary. Fixed.
  • [Bug fix] Start menu links to the ScriptFTP website pointed to the ScriptFTP 3 Beta website (no longer avilable). Fixed.
  • [Bug fix] Adding and substracting dates (as explained here) was resulting in wrong dates. Fixed.
  • [Bug fix] GETLIST returned nothing instead of “OK” when no files were found. This is not considered an error condition. Now returns “OK”.
  • [Documentation] More firendly SETPROTOCOL help topic.
  • [Documentation] Help topic ScriptFTP on the command line updated.


I wish you a happy new year. Hopefully, 2009 will bring us SFTP support to ScriptFTP.