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How to set a FTP script to be run every X minutes

From time to time a question like this is received in the tech support inbox:

I wanted to ask if you can set the sheduler every minute, thank you so much

In this case, the answer is straight: using the Windows task scheduler. Let’s see step-by-step how to configure it to run a FTP script every 1 minute:
 1.- First, we create the scheduled script under ScriptFTP. This is a shortcut that will create for us a scheduled ScriptFTP task in the Windows task scheduler. We can also open directly the Windows the windows task scheduler and create the task manually but we will have to enter the ScriptFTP.exe path, the script path etc. Using ScriptFTP for this is easier:

2.- Once we have created the scheduled task, go and open the Windows task scheduler and find the recently created scheduled task. It must be in the root folder with a name like: yourscriptfile_ftp

3.- We edit the trigger and set the task to be run as following:


See that we have checked “Repeat task every” and selected 5 minutes. If you manually edit the combobox window you can set the time down to 1 minute. Just type “1 minute” and click “OK”.