ScriptFTP 4.6

This new release comes with two new commands (EXIST and TEXTFILEREAD ) and support for the latest SFTP encryption algorithms. As usual, some other bug fixes have been addressed.

  • [New] Support for the latest SSH encryption algorithms. This will allow ScriptFTP to log in to the SFTP server than enforce the client to support the latest security standards.
  • [New] Added a new command: EXIST . With it you can quickly check if a file already exists without using GETLIST and FOREACH
  • [New] Added a new command: TEXTFILEREAD. It is used to read the full contents of a text file and store them in a variable.
  • [Fix] SETPASSIVE was only working when used after OPENHOST. Fixed to be working whether or not is used after or before.
  • [Fix] SETSPEED was not working as expected in some servers.
  • [Fix] Fixed the default position if the schedule script window. It was being centered in the primary screen instead of the parent window
  • [Fix] Fixed the text box where the minutes of a scheduled script was entered was not padding zeroes on minutes. For example. It showed 12:1 instead of 12:01
  • [Fix] Fixed an infinite loop that happened when called ScriptFTP.exe from ScriptFTP itself
  • [Fix] Many minor bugs have been fixed. Mostly related to memory management and performance.