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Script files can be converted to standalone EXE files that do not depend on ScriptFTP to run. This is particularly useful for large installations or to integrate your script in your own solution.

This service can be purchased in the buy section and once placed your order contact the support staff by email attaching your script file or files. The conversion process is done manually and usually takes one or two business days.

As this service implies sending the script files to the the ScriptFTP support staff, customers concerned about their privacy can use the commang GETPARAM to retrieve the user name and password (or any other parameter) from the command line. For example:

C:…\…\> download.exe myuser 364352f /sourcefolder

See the GETPARAM help topic for further information and examples.

If you are interested in this service and have questions feel free to ask.

Download Script to EXE sample file