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FTPScript should stop when there is an error.

For example: script tries to change to a non-existing folder and then puts some files there. So the files get placed to a wrong folder.
If that helps you can make the script to stop this way:
FTP Script
  1. $result=PUTFILE("text.txt")
  2. IF($result!="OK")
  3.     STOP
This would make the script unreadable.
I think the script should stop on any error.
May be something like would be more self explanatory:

That would be perfect!
I will add it to the wish list. Thanks for contributing vjedlicka
I know this thread had been inactive for years and is the direct opposite of what I want, but I have a suggestion.

Would it be possible to skip files with errors and log paths to those files and error codes to a different log file. So that at least files that do not have errors get synced.

I guess that this will only be possible when custom command creation is added to ScriptFTP. Adding this directly in SYNC would complicate the things too much. Custom commands would look something like this:
FTP Script
  1. PROCEDURE MyCommand $the_file $the_new_name
  2.        GETFILE($the_file)
  3.        RENAMEFILE($the_file,$the_new_name)
This will allow to create custom commands and eventually mimic the behavior of SYNC step by step, doing whatever you really need.

This feature is in the roadmap but there is no deadline nor have high priority right now, sorry