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I'm not sure if this is even possible, but it would be nice to be able to SYNC a series of folders within a directory by inserting a wildcard (*) into a remote directory folder name.

Code: Select all$myftpserver="ftp.abc.org" $myuser="abc_user" $mypassword="abc" OPENHOST($myftpserver,$myuser,$mypassword) # The remote folder directories have a wildcard in them # that would allow to SYNC all folders with "Sept...2008", "Oct...2008" in their foldernames SYNC("\downloads\abc","/storage/abc/Week_of_Sept*2008/",DOWNLOAD_DELETE,"abc*2008.mp3") SYNC("\downloads\abc","/storage/abc/Week_of_Oct*2008/",DOWNLOAD_DELETE,"abc*2008.mp3") CLOSEHOST() EXIT
Just wondering... :roll:
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I think that you can do it using FOREACH:
Code: Select allOPENHOST("","carl","123456") # Change current local and remote current directories LOCALCHDIR("D:\Desktop\test\downloads\abc") CHDIR("/storage/abc/") # Get the remote file listing GETLIST($remote_dir_list,REMOTE_DIRECTORIES,"Week_of_Sept*2008") FOREACH $remote_dir IN $remote_dir_list # Create a local directory with the same name. It may already exists... LOCALMKDIR($remote_dir) # Synchronize local directory from the FTP server SYNC("D:\Desktop\test\downloads\abc\".$remote_dir,"/storage/abc/".$remote_dir,DOWNLOAD_DELETE,"abc*2008.mp3") END FOREACH CLOSEHOST
Does this script do what you mean?