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The FOREACH command is nice, but would it be possible for a simple FOR NEXT.

Code: Select allFOR i =1, i++, 6 PRINT("Hello") NEXT  

Hi again Zythan,

You can build any kind of loops with IFs and GOTOs. Your FOR loop can be done this way:
Code: Select all$i=0 :start PRINT("HELLO") $i=$i+1 IF($i<6)  GOTO :start END IFF
And even with the WHILE loop:
Code: Select all$i=0 WHILE($i<6) $i=$i+1 PRINT("Hello") END WHILE
I am very reluctant to adding every single command or feature to ScriptFTP when it can be done with the current set of commands. However, sometimes I am wrong and I find out that many users want something that I thought it was useless. If anyone is interested in adding a FOR loop for ScriptFTP, please, post here.

Thanks for your collaboration Zythan.