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I'm using SCRIPTFTP to get files for an as/400 (an IBM server), but sometimes I receive one or more 0 bytes files during the same run.
Following your suggestions i'm able to deal with this situation, but is it possible to avoid at all?
Surfing internet, i sow that someone changed the buffersize of the Ftp: is it possible to change it in ScriptFtp?
I know that for the Windows ftp client the parameter is ftp -w:windows size (default 4096) host.

Best Regards
Hello Mauri,
is it possible to change it in ScriptFtp?
I am sorry but the window size cannot be changed in ScriptFTP, like most FTP clients out there as far as I know.

But I am almost sure that tweaking this value will not affect your issue receiving empty files. This usually happens because the file is already opened (and blocked) by another program in the server. The result is that the FTP server returns to ScriptFTP an empty file because it cannot access to its contents.

To confirm this I suggest you to enable logging at both sides. In ScriptFTP use VERBOSE(ON) and the LOGTO command. In the server side these depends on the kind of FTP server software you are using. They usually have a control panel or something similar.

When you detect that a 0 byte file has been received check the logs to see what happened exactly. This will give you very valuable information. Post here these logs if you need help but they are usually very self explanatory.