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We purchased and installed ScriptFTP v4.0 on Dec 10, 14. The license key validated and everything ran smoothly until I arrived in the office Jan 12, 15. There were hundreds of files that had not been transferred. When I logged on to the server where ScriptFTP was installed, the License Key window was visible, notifying me that the 30 day trial had expired. Judging by the date on the files, the expire date was Jan 9, 15. I entered the key again and it said the key was not valid. To verify I installed ScriptFTP on another machine and the key did not validate either. I installed ScriptFTP locally and again it did not validate. However, if I change my system date back to Jan 8, 15, the key does validate without a problem.

I should add I purchased the Site License.
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I've not heard anything. Here's to hoping the developer is simply working on troubleshooting and an update.
I have not heard anything. It is a shame. I'm glad we had a site license for version 3.3 that we could fall back on, but there is one particular bug that got fixed in 4.0 that makes life a whole lot easier for me.
Hi Matt,

Sorry for not replying before Matt. Your first two messages from 2015 were, well, completely ignored and I do not know why.

I have just sent you a new license key by email. If you ever have any problem you can write us directly to We usually reply in one or two business days.
Hi There!

I am having a similar problem, but I am trying to reinstall ScriptFTP from a failed hard drive. I just can't locate my license key. Would you be able to assist me with copy if my key.

Hi, I have just sent you the license key to your email address