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Dear support,
I'm trying to connect to an sftp server with a username that contain "_" character and password that contain ".$£!" characters and I'm receiving error: "A supplied password or user name is incorrect".
I can connect with Filezilla with no problem.

Can you please help me?

Thanks in advance.

Just an update here. I have contacted to the user via the website chat (the thing on the lower right corner) and we are working to fix it.
Dear support,
the problem was with "$" or "£" character, I have asked the sysadmin to remove these characters and now connection works

Thank you for your precious help
I have finally found what is wrong in ScriptFTP and uploaded the fixed version to:

Now, on SFTP, UTF8 encoding is used by default. This means that characters like "£" are interpreted correctly at the server side when sent by ScriptFTP.