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My problem is that when I use SYNC it uploads the same large file over and over. It finishes and starts at 0% again.
The large files are 500< mb. Small files uploads correctly.

Anyone know what can cause this?
Code: Select all# Build the log file name and path using the current date $log_file_name="C:\XBMC-FTPSYNC-".GETTIME(FORMAT1).".txt" # Log script output LOGTO($log_file_name) # Connect to FTP server OPENHOST("","xxxxxx","xxxxxxx") # Download the new or modified JPG files from the FTP site SYNC("E:\share\sync\","/home/xbmc/ekstern/",UPLOAD,SUBDIRS) # Transfer finished, close the connection CLOSEHOST # Exit EXIT

Could you enable the verbose mode with VERBOSE(ON) and post the portion of the script that uploads a large file? (The interesting part is where ScriptFTP asks the server for the last file modification time) The time difference that ScriptFTP calculates is also interesting.
I have a similar issue but will expound on more detail it is a Win7 Pro machine running Script FTP against a Linux (Qnap TS 410) Both machines show the same time with 60Sec but when the script runs it shows server time – 11600 like 3 hours and 20 min.

The first gets and puts work fine the next I call a SYNC against a directory that has 11600 Jpeg files that are all about 50 to 75K in size.

I failed to mention I have TWO identical computers running the same script one machine on the local net and the other remote.

The issue, the local machine runs flawless skipping all old files downloading the new ones. The remote PC performs the get fine the put fine and then starts to sync not matter what I do at least 20% of the files download with a (File Older) message. I can perform a SYN then run the script again same thing, I have checked dates on router, DNS etc I am baffled.



PS, I run the script.exe in XP sp3 compatibility and as administrator the local folder in now at everyone has full access. I have tried everything but taking my pants of at work
Hello Rick,

I would need to see what ScriptFTP outputs with the verbose mode enabled. To enable it put VERBOSE(ON) on the top of your script and run it again.

What I would like to know is the file date and time that the server reports. And also the date and time of the copy of the file on the local machine. This information is only shown when verbose mode enabled.
Will do i am traveling this week but can run the file late this weekend.

Thank you for your prompt reply.