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I'm fairly new to Script FTP so apologies if I blunder along the way, I have set up about 10 scripts for syncing a remote dir to a local dir and 9 of these work with no problems whatsoever, however one of these (the one which has to transfer large files about 1-2GB) is having issues.

I'm connecting using FTP over SSL (explicit with data channel encryption).

I have checked that there is no errors in my script and after reading up I believe the router may be killing the connection because even though the data connection is alive, the manager is idle, I may be wrong but does ScriptFTP have a "Keep alive" feature I could try or do you have any other suggestions??

Using a client such as filezilla to download individual files presents no problems.

Many Thanks
SIZE gadb-201402220438.dif.7z
213 1609047464
227 Entering Passive Mode (78,129,188,195,82,13).
Opening data connection to Port: 21005
RETR gadb-201402220438.dif.7z
Connected. Exchanging encryption keys...
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection.
Session Cipher: 128 bit RC4
TLS encrypted session established.
Transfer Timeout (30s). Closing data connection.
5488557 bytes transferred. (154 KB/s) (00:00:34)
550 The specified network name is no longer available.

***** SYNC Error #17550: Cannot download remote file gadb-201402220438.dif.7z.
***** The server said: The specified network name is no longer available.

250 CWD command successful.
257 "/" is current directory.

Checking server connection.
500 Command not understood.

Connection is alive.

221 Goodbye.
Server closed connection

I also have this issue. Have you been able to figure it out?

Already connected. Closing the current connection.
Connecting to ****** Connected.

Disabling passive mode.

Clock time difference is 21575 seconds.
Synchronizing local directory c:\db_archives\new from /db_backups.
Skipping (local file is up to date) test22.txt
Downloading (local file is older) UK_LMS-30Min-Backups.bak
***** SYNC Error #17550: Cannot download remote file UK_LMS-30Min-Backups.bak.
***** The server said: The specified network name is no longer available.
Cannot complete the synchronization! Trying again.
No sorry I haven't been able to solve this. I believe that scriptFTP has problems with most files over 1GB but alas I may be wrong, still awaiting a response.

Yes, ScriptFTP sometimes experiences problems with large files on some servers. It usually tries to recover the connection and resume the transfer, but sometimes it can't and we still do not know why

We are working on it. Any fix will be based on the current version 4 Beta

I will update here.