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When using SYNC() to upload files from my local box (Vista) to Unix FTP server, the timestamp on the server gets set to the current date/time rather than the date/time of the local file.
I'm having this same problem with v3.3. Unlike the original author, I'm connecting to a Windows server host, so it doesn't appear to be *nix related. I sent a request for help to support a few days ago, but no response yet. Anyone on the forum have any ideas?
Hello John,

ScriptFTP does not set time stamps of files after the upload because the FTP protocol has no standard way to set timestamps on remote files. Usually the FTP servers just set the current date/time to a file after uploading it.
Just following up on the forum with the same response I sent to you in email. The MDTM sub command is available to do this, and is honoured by a variety of FTP servers. SYNC should check if the server supports the command and then use it when possible.
Hello John,

Yes, I know. But ScriptFTP follows strictly the FTP protocol standards and they do not define a way to change remote file times....

Some servers like SmartFTP implement this via MDTM, others via a SITE EXEC and others both but with different syntax for dates/times. Even some of them understand dates/times as local time instead of UTC time.
Unfortunately sync command does not set the original datetime and for downloaded files :(