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I have set up ScriptFTP to run my script every half hour using the included Scheduler. I can see the event in Windows Scheduler, so I know it's there.

The problem is, the actions in my script do not get done at all this way. The only way my script runs and accomplishes its task is when I run it manually.

1) Is there a known issue with Scheduler?
2) If not, where should I go to see the logs and find out why the scheduled task isn't running? I can see the normal ScriptFTP log file as I have designated that location with my LOGTO command--Those logs don't give me a clue as to why the automation isn't working.
Check if the scheduled job is run under a different user account. Sometimes scheduled tasks are not run by the user itself but an user account that the system creates for this kind of tasks.

If you post here the log you get may be I could give you more clues or places to check.