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I have scheduled ScriptFTP to download a small 10kb file everyday at 9am, but sometimes the script hangs and the scheduled job stays in a "running" state until i kill the process. i do have the "closehost" command at the end of the file. is there a way to fix this?


If you have set up your scheduled script from ScriptFTP (clicking on the scheduler button in the toolbar) it should create the task in a way that automatically close ScriptFTP once it finishes, even if CLOSEHOST is not used. If this is your case please put the following chunk of script in the top of your script file to generate a log file and see what happened there:
FTP Script
  2. LOGTO("C:\mydir\log.txt",APPEND)
If not, if you have go through the windows task scheduler to manually create the task, note that you have to put the parameter /AUTOCLOSE to make ScriptFTP close itself once it finishes. For example:

C:\Program Files\ScriptFTP\ScriptFTP.exe myscript /AUTOCLOSE

Check (ScriptFTP on the command line) for further information about the ScriptFTP command line parameters

Another way is just adding the EXIT command in the bottom of your script
FTP Script
  1. #
  2. #
  3. # Your script here
  4. #
  6. # Close ScriptFTP
I was wondering if there was ever a resolution to this problem. I have the same problem and I have a bat file with /autoclose scheduled outside of ScriptFTP with an exit at the end of the script. It only hangs about once a week, but every time it does I have to kill the process in memory.

Hi there, sorry for not replying earlier. I am working on a fix for this problem. I have set up different machines with intensive scheduled scripts but the error never happens, ScriptFTP always finishes as expected (run about 15000 times). I will keep this thread updated. If you know anything that may guide me to find what is happening please post here.
I downloaded the trial version of ScriptFTP, and I can confirm that I have the same issue. ON occasion, the scriptftp_console.exe hangs. I run it about every 15 minutes to sync files to second server in upload mode only. Today, I added /autoclose to my command line, and I added EXIT to the end of my script. I will keep monitoring and updating this thread if I find anything of interest. The files I sync are very small.

My environment:
Source machine Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2
Target machine Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2 with FTP Publishing Service
There are no errors or anything strange in my scriptFTP log files. It appears that the exit command is executed every time, but once in a while scriptFTP doesn't unload itself from memory. I've tried it with and without the /autoclose command but the problem remains.

Is there a way to specify a maximum amount of time a script is allowed to run and if it is still running have it force scriptftp to unload? Of course I'm not even sure this would work since it appears that my scripts finish, its just that the executable (scriptFTP) doesn't unload from memory sometimes.
I have the same problem on our Win2003R2 SP2. Sometimes the scriptftp.exe process doesn´t unload itself and so the next scheduled tasks can´t start. Could be the reason when the computer is locked?
Carlos has apparently no solution to the problem. So I use the tool "PSKILL" instead of the EXIT command.
FTP Script
  1. EXEC("pskill ScriptFTP.exe")
You find the tool here:

Unfortunately the same here with occasional hangs:
Windows 2003 Enterprise Server SP2. Windows scheduler invoking a batch script that starts ScriptFTP_console.exe. Console comes up showing the message "Running <scriptname.ftp>", but that's it.
None of the script code is executed and one will have to kill the console (it does not come to the end of the script where it says EXIT...). No logfile will be written as well. No hints in the servers' event logs.
Thus I doubt that in our case coding a "pskill" would work.
When not hanging the script is executed perfectly.
I have a script for downloading many small files every 5 minutes (on winxp sp3). As "waldhausera" mentioned, it's not about script never ending, the script never starts. Has anyone made any progress with this issue? I need a solution too this soon.
No solution yet. If any other experience the same issue, please post here your case
I have the same problem

ScriptFTP.exe hungs

ScriptFTP Version 3.3
O.S. Windows XP sp3

I have many scheduled Scripts, but the only that hungs is one tranferring a very little file scheduled every 15 Minuts

the command I use is: C:\Programmi\ScriptFTP\ScriptFTP.exe "C:\Dati\SPV\spv_spv.ftp" /AUTOCLOSE /HIDE

many thanks

I use Windows Scheduled Tasks. Multiple tasks run on multiple schedules ranging from executing every 15 minutes to executing one time per week.

Typical scheduled task starts a program: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ScriptFTP\ScriptFTP.exe" MYSCRIPT /AUTOCLOSE

Each of the scripts ends with EXIT

The scripts appear to run through to the end and all files transfer successfully. However, not all of the processes end after a script has finished.

I attached a screen capture of the multiple ScriptFTP processes that are running at a time when the scheduled tasks are not running and when all of the scripts have completed. I can close all of these daily and by the next day they are all back running.

OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 64-bit
ScriptFTP version 3.3 build 4/11/2009

Please advise if there is another way I should be commanding each process to exit.
I noticed that ScriptFTP version 4.0 had been released. I installed the trial version and I have been updating a few of my scheduled tasks each day to run version 4 instead of 3.3. The problem of multiple ScriptFTP processes running after the FTP script and scheduled task have completed, seems to have been resolved. If the problem resurfaces, I will post here again.
Sorry for refloating this old topic.

As of version 4.1 there has been no more users reporting problems like this so this bug report is considered closed
Which script? Its kinda hard to help if we dont know what script youre talking about.