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Been trying to use the PUTFILE2 function, it does upload the file to the server but never renames it (it keeps the original file name)

Tried deleting the old file with the same name and having the same issue. Here is the code with the part not working.
FTP Script
  1. CHDIR("/news/")
  2. PUTFILE2("D:\RDI_Download\Sync\RDI\News\rdiexp_2017-1108-1085_clear_8000.mp4","news.mp4")
  3. CHDIR("/sports/")
  4. PUTFILE2("D:\RDI_Download\Sync\RDI\Sports\2017-11-07_23_00_00_sportsexp_0003_clear_8000.mp4","sports.mp4")
For your info here is the verbose information (I change the IP of the FTP server for secuirty reason)

(ScriptFTP) NOOP
(Server ) 200 NOOP command successful.
(ScriptFTP) PWD
(Server ) 257 "/news" is current directory.
Uploading D:\RDI_Download\Sync\RDI\News\rdiexp_2017-1108-1085_clear_8000.mp4
(ScriptFTP) TYPE I
(Server ) 200 Type set to I.
(ScriptFTP) PASV
(Server ) 227 Entering Passive Mode (FTPSERVERIP,198,54).
(ScriptFTP) STOR rdiexp_2017-1108-1085_clear_8000.mp4
(Server ) 125 Data connection already open; Transfer starting.
(Server ) 226 Transfer complete.
(ScriptFTP) CWD /news/
(Server ) 250 CWD command successful.
(ScriptFTP) PWD
(Server ) 257 "/news" is current directory.
Hi there,

Yes, this is a bug of the current version (4.4) and it has been fixed in the upcoming version 4.5 which is now under beta testing (but quite stable and almost ready for real-world use)

You can download it from here: