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I'm new to ScriptFTP and I'm wondering if this is usual output for PUTFILE...
Uploading................. 190110_170914.csv
DELE 190110_170914.csv.part
450 Can't delete file /190110_170914.csv.part.
200 Command PBSZ okay.
200 Command PROT okay.
227 Entering Passive Mode (107,xxx,xxx,xxx,74,74)
Opening data connection to Port: 19018
STOR 190110_170914.csv.part
150 File status okay; about to open data connection.
675 bytes transferred. (N/A/s) (0 ms)
226 Transfer complete.
DELE 190110_170914.csv
450 Can't delete file /190110_170914.csv.
RNFR 190110_170914.csv.part
350 Requested file action pending further information.
RNTO 190110_170914.csv
250 Requested file action okay, file renamed.

This seems like a lot of activity for a single command. Is this what PUTFILE is really doing? I read in another forum where the "PART" file is necessary to avoid data corruption but why are there two delete commands which are trying to delete the original file and the "PART"?

Edit: Removed an IP address

Yes, those are too many FTP requests to just upload one file.
What version of ScriptFTP are you using? As far as I remember there was an old version doing something similar but it was fixed in more recent releases.
Thanks for the reply. This was from v3.3. I've just started using v4.5 and notice that none of the deletes and the renames are reported while running the exact same script. Is that to say the new version is no longer creating a file with the "PART" extension?
Yes, that is correct. The newer version does not create the ".part" file. You can see why in this help topic:

I copy here the most relevant part of that link:
From version 4.1 this command has been deprecated. Now SETUPLOADMODE(DIRECT) is enabled by default. This have been done because most modern FTP servers do not replace a file unless the upload has been completely finished.
Perfect! Thank you for the quick responses and for keeping the product updated. I'm using v4.5 in trial mode right now but will be purchasing next week. Thanks again!