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Post here if you experience file transfer problems or unexpected errors.
According to your documentation, the OUTPUTDETAILS(SILENT) command should show Print commands, errors, and file transfers. When I run the script with this option, I see the log file get created and while watching the ScriptFTP program, I see file sizes getting transferred but they do not show up in the log. Is the documentation inaccurate? I will switch it back to Normal but I am transferring hundreds of folders and thousands of files and the document control people getting the log e-mailed to them at the end of the script find it useless for verifying what files have gotten added or updated. The log is huge and mostly full of files that have not changed since the initial SYNC.
The Documentation is correct but for some reason, as you described, file transfers are not shown in the output when the SILENT mode is enabled.

Thanks for noticing this. The fixed version is here:

Please, let me know if the problem persists or any other concern you may have