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Hello, I just bought this software and I am trying to create an script to get a file from a PLC and transfer it to one of our network shares, all goes good until when the transfer is almost done I get the following error message:
····· GETFILE Error #16001
····· It is not easily possible to determine whether a file or directory exists at this server. Multi-file operations will not work.
Any idea that may help me here?
May be worth seeing if you can download an earlier version of the software?

Perhaps the PLC only runs a very basic FTP server? I had problems trying to download files from DrayTek Vigor routers, as the FTP server was so basic it wouldn't support "SYNC"!

Yes, as the previous post said, an older version probably helps:

If you send me an email and let me test ScriptFTP using a temporary FTP account in the PLC may be I could find a way to fix it. Sometimes ScriptFTP fall back to plain old FTP but it seems to be failing in this case. If you want to proceed we will do this while we are talking via phone or Skype, I guess you would need to open a port in your router for this.