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After upgrading from version 4.0 to 4.1 we get the error "GETFILE Error #16001 It is not easily possible to determine whether a file or directory exists at this server. Multi-file operations will not work. " in a script that worked without any problem under version 4.0. Any ideas on this?
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Thanks in advance.
Tieme Woldman
I have been exchanging with Tieme some emails and it seems that his FTP server does not support (or does not allow) the FTP protocol commands SIZE, MDTM and FEAT. All these commands are considered standard nowadays.

ScriptFTP 4.1 asks the server the file size, the modified time etc before downloading the file. This is what fails in this case. Previous versions went straight to download the files without making any of these checks before.

If anyone experiences the same issue please post here.