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We are attempting to move a series of two part files. One file has an extention *.par and moves sucessfully, a file associated has no file extention and is not transferred. The script is

[scriptftp="my_script.ftp"]# Connect to WVI FTP server

# Sets Local Directory

#Copy of Backup files
EXEC ("copy C:\MT101\MT101SendLocation\*.* C:\WVI\MTSend\Backupcopy\")

# Set current remote directory

# Puts all the files from the Trellis main server into the emmision folder on WVI
# Upload all files from C:\MT101\MT101SendLocation to
# /emission

# Now Backup Copy of files to C:\

# Now remove all the files on the FTP emission folder on the trellismain2
# Evokes the Exec command for C Root

EXEC("del /F /Q C:\MT101\MT101SendLocation\*.*")

# Transfer finished, close the connection
Thanks for posting this in the forum. It is a question that people ask by email from time to time.

*.* means any file with an extension, this is because there is a dot between the asterisks. To upload every file,including those that do not have an extension use an asterisk only.

This is the way wildcard expressions really work. People usually think that *.* is "every file" but it is not.

[scriptftp="file_wildcards_on_upload.ftp"]# Upload every file with an extension

# Upload every file, including those with no extension at all