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Hey guys,

I currently have a script that takes an SQL database backup and transfers it outside of the local network. This process ran fine yesterday, but today I received this error in the log file:
PUTFILE("\\**.**.**.**\SQL BACKUP\<name>.bak")
Uploading................. <name>.bak
***** PUTFILE Error #17550: Cannot upload local file <name>.bak.
***** The server said: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
This error occurred about 12 minutes into the transfer. I was wondering which server the above error was talking about (my local server or the destination server). Any help is appreciated and I would be happy to give any more info that is needed.

There is not much to do from the ScriptFTP side. If you get this message means that the file is being blocked by Windows because other processed is accessing it.

The only solution is to prevent to run that process and the script at the same time.

Some users implemented a lock file mechanism within the script. I do not know if this may be suitable for your case: