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Hi everyone!
First time here and just starting with ScriptFTP, so excuse me if error is just my stupidity :)

I'm trying to use 'older_than_a_week-ftp' script from Library, but it appears it contains error. Part which contains error is not modified by me, and even appears correct with Documentation.
FTP Script
  1. $file_last_modification_time=GETFILETIME(REMOTE,$remote_file)
  2. IF($file_last_modification_time[[here]]<$a_week_ago)
  3.     DELETEFILE($remote_file)
····· Script syntax error on line 29 column 33
····· ")" expected
I understand that error, but modifying script in any way makes other errors.
I don't know how to make this work because everything looks fine.

Can You please help me?

Best Regards

EDIT: Line 29 column 33 is where [[here]] is. Ofcourse [[here]] is not in my script - it only shows a 'place of error'.
Hello Baur,

Thanks for posting here. You have just found an error in the example. It seems that the website somehow have changed < for <

You just need to replace "<" with "<". The correct script is:
FTP Script
  1. $file_last_modification_time=GETFILETIME(REMOTE,$remote_file)
  2. IF($file_last_modification_time<$a_week_ago)
  3.     DELETEFILE($remote_file)
I have just fixed the example page
so excuse me if error is just my stupidity :)
We are here to help, don't worry :)
Hi there!

Glad to hear it's not me causing problem. Now the script works like charm! Thank You for Your help!

Best Regards