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After installing Microsoft KB4103721 (the may update).
Scriptftp v. 4.5 is no longer able to connect to our FTP server. We confirmed that KB4103721 is the problem because on 2 windows 10 pc where we removed the update Scriptftp started working again.
Error is:

····· OPENHOST Error #16004
····· Asynchronous call exception. Asynchronous call exception.

Any idea what may cause this ?


Thanks for reporting this.

I have just tested a simple script using plain FTP (not FTPS or SFTP) running ScriptFTP 4.5 (the latest version) on Windows 10 pro (version 1803) with the latest patches and it worked fine.
Any idea what may cause this ?

Not yet, sorry. I would need to get the same error here to know what could be wrong. It would be very useful if we meet online by Skype (or phone) and you share the screen with me to see the error. Any other detail can be also useful