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There is a need to work with Cyrillic in file names. I can not figure out how to encode them to write in a script body and how to pass parameters from the command line ...
Command line parameters are passed, apparently, according to the system settings "language programs that do not support Unicode". And in the body of the script is the same coding does not work :( Actually I have one encoding the body of the script could not get it to work :( I'm certainly twisted and passed all the command-line options, but I want to understand ...
ScriptFTP 4 Beta supports script files encoded in UTF8 and should work fine. ScriptFTP 3 only supports ANSI (english characters)

However it is very unlikely that cyrillic characters are passed correctly via the command line. Could you share with us an example?

By the way, to save a script file using UTF8 in the Notepad, on the "Save as" dialog a combo box showing the available encodings is at the bottom. Select UTF-8
CP866 OEM (DOS Cyrillic)
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Command Line
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Hello Wandrey,

The screenshots you are posting are from ScriptFTP version 3
Yes, of course. But we do not seriously consider the beta version :) Later on the 4th try.