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I have an interesting issue. We have been using a site license of ScriptFTP for many years to automate our FTP needs.
This past week we have been having an issue connecting to a customers FTPS server. I've done a bunch of things to identify the issue and believe it has to do with the SSL/TLS ciphers passed to their server. I was able to identify this using an older version of Filezilla (3.4) that supports weak security SSL/TLS we can connect to their server. The newer version 3.7 only supports high-security SSL/TLS. The connection hangs on the security handshake. The customer indicated no changes have been made to their sever last week, although we can no longer connect through the ScriptFTP client. My questions;

What SSL/TLS ciphers suites does ScriptFTP support?
Is there a way to force the encryption method to weak security?

I've asked them to make sure the sever can accept high-security SSL/TLS connections as this is how I believe your software initiates the handshake. I don't find this documented anywhere, please verify.
We have been making connections every day to this sever for many years using your software and would hate to use an alternative if our customer can't address this issue. Any insight would be much appreciated.