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I will post here a question I received by email that could not be replied because the sender misspelled his email address on the web site form. Let's hope that he finds the answer here in the forum.

I deleted some private data. His message was as following:
I'm trying to automate an upload from a SharePoint Library to our Internet Web Site using FTP. I've been able to automate the transfer while I have a session running (logged in) but I can't seem to automate (schedule) the upload while logged off. I'm connecting to the SharePoint Library via a mapped drive (M in this case). The error I receive is this resource is not available. See Script Output.

The M drive mapping is created with this URL "http://xxxxxxx/Environmental%20Compliance/".
I assume this type of connection is only maintained when I'm logged in. Is there another way to connect to this local resource using the script? Thanks!

Connecting to

***** SYNC Error #3 : Cannot change current local directory to m:\.
***** The system said: The system cannot find the path specified.

Mapped network drives are only kept while the user is logged in. I would check that your scheduled script is set to run with your user rights (this is done under the control panel->scheduled tasks) and then add this to the top of your script

[scriptftp="drive_mapping_from_script.ftp"]EXEC('net use x: "" /user:DOMAIN\LOGIN PASSWORD')[/ScriptFTP]