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Even though I just purchased a license, when running ScriptFTP from command line I continually receive error:
"This is an unregistered copy of ScriptFTP. You have 30 days of trial left."
I need to be able to run the script console from the command line.

Please help to correct.
I have to ask you if you have entered the license key in the normal ScriptFTP (the one that is not the command line version). I suppose that the answer is yes but have to ask to discard other problems.
I am seeing this same message, and I have registered the Windows version, was this ever resolved?
no, sorry. This bug is still pending
Hi all,

I also face this problem using purchased copy of version 3.3 of scriptftp before.
We are running windows 2008 server for around 20-30 scripts trigger by server scheduler regularly.

But recent few months we found we no longer encounter license popups any more.
I wonder if it related to windows update that may possibly fix the problem?
Our server applied security update up to KB2712808. Can you confirm it this update may possibly fix the problem?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, some users have reported that system restores or window updates that affect the windows core (as the one you refer) fixed the license popup when the license key was already entered.