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Hi, have just purchased ScriptFTP and am delighted with it. I have a database containing fields with Domain Name, UserName and Password fields and was able to simply create a Button that uses ScriptFTP to upload all the prepared files in my local Upload folder to the relevant site for that .dbf record.
The other task that I regularly do is to upload files to Dropbox accounts which also have Username and Password fields on the database. Before I add the idea to my todo list and spend time on the idea, are there any other ScriptFTP users that are already using the software to shift files between Cloud Storage programs and local pc's?
Or are there any technical reasons why it wouldn't work?
I just give it a try with:-
It failed to connect. Didn't know what to enter in remote dir so left it blank ie ""
Any suggestions?
Hello David,

Dropbox support and Amazon S3 (along with SFTP which is already added in the v4 Beta) is planned to be supported in the next version.