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I get an error with:

[scriptftp file="file_upload.ftp"]
PUTFILE("C:\ftp\ftptrans.dat jar01.JES")

I’m trying to upload the file ‘ftptrans.dat’ as ‘jar01.JES’ (so the uploaded file has a different name to the source name)
But get this error:

PUTFILE("C:\ftp\ftptrans.dat jar01.JES")
***** PUTFILE Error #18012: ftptrans.dat jar01.JES not found.

From a dos command:
put C:\ftp\ftptrans.dat jar01.JES
works with no errors
Any ideas?
The ScriptFTP syntax is a bit different from the DOS counterpart in this case.

You can upload the file and then rename it:

[scriptftp file="upload_different_name.ftp"]PUTFILE("C:\ftp\ftptrans.dat")

Or directly upload it with its definitive name:

[scriptftp file="upload_with_different_name.ftp"]PUTFILE2("C:\ftp\ftptrans.dat","jar01.JES")[/ScriptFTP]