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I need a program I can feed a CSV file to after receiving it with ScriptFTP. Doesn't have to be specifically for CSV files. The program I'm looking for needs to take in text from a CSV, rearrange the data and output it in a different format, then upload it to a FTP site.

I'm looking for something that has the simplicity of ScriptFTP.

If nobody knows something that can do that...how about a suggestion on a scripting language to use?

Thanks in advance!

Hello forest,

I may recommend you trying with PHP or Perl, they are not as simple to use as ScriptFTP but will do the work fine. PHP is not very difficult, in fact the ScriptFTP language syntax is partially inspired in PHP and the ScriptFTP scripts resemble a bit to those in PHP.

Try also searching in Google for regular expression tools, they are used to manipulate text. "Regex buddy" is a good choice.
Thanks for the tip on regex buddy... I've worked in python before to move text, but I'll take a look at php/perl.