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I was able to sync a project/folder (w/c is a working copy from the SVN server) to the TestServer via FTP.
(Pls note that this is my work around in synching SVN & FTP for now). Each folder contains a hidden .SVN folder. What I need to do is to be able to sync everything within that folder/project except the .SVN folder. "Filename Filters in FileZilla" won't work with ScriptFTP's synching method. Is there a way/script sample to ignore .SVN in the script file?

In the case you are using SYNC for downloading files you can ignore evey remote directory with the name ".SVN" adding it to the download exclusion list. It is done this way:
FTP Script
For the contrary, if you are using SYNC in the other direction:
FTP Script
Beware the difference between ".SVN" and ".svn". ScriptFTP is case sensitive for files or directories on the FTP site.

You can find more information and examples at:


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Wow great, thanks, it worked. Here are part of the script
FTP Script
  2. SYNC("......",".......",UPLOAD_DELETE,SUBDIRS)
I have a little question. I'll just put it in here.
Is it possible to integrate the script with TortoiseSVN commit hook? Would it be through the .exe of the ftp script? If there is already a post regrading this, kindly just reply the link. Thanks.
I know TortoiseSVN but I don't know what a hook is, sorry. To run the script you should call ScriptFTP.exe with the script as a parameter. Something like this:
C:\Program Files\ScriptFTP\ScriptFTP.exe C:\path_to\the_script.ftp
I hope this ansers your question (at least partially)

Thank you so much. The command line worked with the TortoiseSVN's hook. I just enclosed the url's with quotes:
"C:\Program Files\ScriptFTP\ScriptFTP.exe" "C:\path_to\the_script.ftp" then added to the hook settings of TortoiseSVN.
So evertime a commit occurs, ScriptFTP runs and performs the sync. I think this is far better and simpler than making a script to synchronize SVN server with FTP server.... our SVN runs on Linux...and I don't know linux... :D

Thanks again.
Thanks for the update. Have a nice day "temp" ;)