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I want to backup my Outlook 2003 .pst files once a weak, but Outlook has to be shut down during backup. I hoped to use the "EXEC" command, but I don't know the command to shut down Outlook. To reopen the command should be: EXEC("C:\Programfiles\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE"), but how to close down Outlook?

And by the way, the open command don't work either. The gap between 'Microsoft' and 'Office' is the problem. To open another program like CCleaner whith the path C:\\Programfiles\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe works fine.

So, what about the problem with the "gap" in the path, and how to close down a running program?

Lars H.

I now found that the command: EXEC("taskkill /IM outlook.exe") closed the running Outlook, and this looks quite OK.
And the command: EXEC(' "C:/programfiler/microsoft office/office11/outlook.exe" ') reopened the Otlook again. But, after that, the script continued to run! To stop it I had to engage Task Manager and manualy to stop it! I tried to start another program in the same maner, and that program also started OK, but that too made the script running untill stopped manualy.

Lars H.
Problem solved.

The command: EXEC("start outlook.exe") was the clue.

Lars H.
Hi Lars,

I was about to post a reply now :)

You are right, taskill is the solution to terminate a process. Regarding to opening a program which path has spaces... I don't know, I've tried it here and works fine.
But, after that, the script continued to run
That's the normal behavior. ScriptFTP always waits for the other program to finish, unless you use EXEC to call "start" which calls another program and then finishes itself. In that case ScriptFTP waits to the program "start", not the other program.