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I have two files that are downloaded weekly. The files are in the following format:


What I need to do is strip the first 4 Chars from the front then remove the date in the middle.

Any help appreciated.

Hello Nitro,

This can be done with TEXTCUT and TEXTLENGTH commands. One question, do the name that goes between the first number and the date (TheReconstruction) is always of the same length? Knowing this I could give you an example.
Yes the text is always the same length.The only thing that every changes is the numbers.

Here is the current script:
Code: Select allLOGTO("C:\radio\scripts\LOGS\reconstruction.log",APPEND) $nrt="removed" $nrtu="removed" $nrtp="removed" #Download The Reconstruction OPENHOST($nrt,$nrtu,$nrtp) LOCALCHDIR("C:\radio\shows\reconstruction\") $nrtremote=("/The Reconstruction/") CHDIR($nrtremote) GETFILE("*.mp3") SETPASSIVE(ENABLED) CLOSEHOST EXIT