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I copy script from Documentation, but probably is not good.
I try delete files from local dir. When the files are not in the dir, so system print:
EXEC("del *.txt")
Could Not Find D:\test\source\*.txt
deleting files was successful
In fact, no file was found and nothing was deleted. And system should print out this message: "No *.txt files found."

This is "my" code:
Code: Select allLOCALCHDIR("D:\test\source\") $result=EXEC("del *.txt") IF($result!=0) IF($result==1) print("No *.txt files found.") ELSE print("Del failed.") END IF ELSE print("deleting files was successful") END IF
$result==1 ---> is this correct for "no files found"?
Thank you for your answers...
Hello Mihcal,

Command line programs (such as "del") usually returns 0 if the operation is done seccessfully and a non-zero value if not.

I suggest you to open a command prompt window (I mean the windows command line, nothing related to ScriptFTP) and play a bit with the command you want to launch from ScriptFTP. You can get the value returned by the last run command using the %ERRORLEVEL% environment variable. For example:
C:\> D:
D:\> cd \test\source\ (enter)
D:\> del *.txt (enter)
Error message from del command
D:\> echo %ERRORLEVEL% (enter)
Thanks, I tried use other functions and it already runs as follows:
Code: Select allLOCALCHDIR("D:\test\source\") GETLIST($list,LOCAL_FILES,"*.txt") $count=COUNTELEMENTS($list) IF($count==0) PRINT("No text files found.") GOTO :end END IF $result=EXEC("del *.txt") IF($result!=0) print("Del failed.") ELSE  print("Deleting files was successful.") END IF :end EXIT
Thanks for posting the script Mihcal. It will be useful for other users with the same question.