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Please , tell me how do I use Dial-up (or VPN) connection from script.
I try with EXEC command.
example :

FTP Script
  1. EXEC ('C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\rasdial "dialup"')

Maybe someone have better idea?


That's the correct way and it should work. I also think it's the only way to do that.
The correct ScriptFTP line of code to connect to an existing Windows PPTP VPN using rasdial is:
FTP Script
  1. EXEC(''C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\rasdial "vpnname" username password')
where vpnname is the name you give that vpn when you set it up
where username is the username for that vpn
where password is the password for that vpn

To disconnect:
FTP Script
  1. EXEC('C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\rasdial "vpnname" /disconnect')
I have tested this with an actual Windows PPTP VPN account and it works. Should also work for any Windows or rasdial VPN. I have FTP code in between the connect and disconnect to pull files of a remote ftp server.
Thanks Jbuckmas