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I am uploading a folder with a strict content structure, but the users keep making errors in their filing.

The structure is /folder/folder/files

I would like to exclude from the upload anything that matches /folder/files, but not anything that matches /folder/folder/files.

Do you think that this will do the job: ADDEXCLUSION(UPLOAD,"\folder\*") or will that exclude the subfolders as well?


Hello Andrew,

The ADDEXCLUSION command is a bit tricky ;)

It would be:
FTP Script
  1. ADDEXCLUSION(DOWNLOAD,"folder/","/folder/")
It means: exclude from downloading any directory called "folder/" located in the path "/folder/"

So, for example, /folder/folder/myfile.txt will not be downloaded
That is not quite what I am looking for.

In this example:


I wish to UPLOAD \folder1\, and \folder1\folder2\, including \folder1\folder2\file1, but excluding \folder1\file1

Is this possible do you think?


In that case it would be:
FTP Script
  1. ADDEXCLUSION(DOWNLOAD,"*.*","/folder/")
Meaning: Exclude from download any file located in the remote directory /folder/

If you cannot get it working plese post here again
Yes, that seems to have worked:


Thanks very much

I am also going to try this to exclude and folder in an upload folder, i.e. to upload only files in that folder:
FTP Script
  1. ADDEXCLUSION(UPLOAD,"*\","\\Server\folder\folder\folder\")
Do you think that this should work?

Hello Andrew. Yes, it should work fine