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What about a feature where we connect to our remote server & ScriptFTP shows us a checkbox list of folders and subfolders/files - so we can click a check box for ScriptFTP to build an ADDEXCLUSION (REMOTE, or LOCAL so we can avoid writing a long list in our scriptfiles for folders, subdirectories, or files that never change from remote or local?

Currently, I am going through my log files to write ADDEXCLUSION for hundreds of remote folders, subdirectories, etc. I am not an experienced programmer so I cant figure out how to run a script to do this.
Yes, sometimes writing long lists of ADDEXCLUSION in a script is tedious. The same happen with any other command.

Note that if you exclude the parent folder all the subfolders are automatically excluded. You might already know that but just in case.
Yes, writing a list of exclusions is quite tedious. I've written about 100+ ADDEXCLUSIONS to my script. It would be nice to have a simple checkbox to click off what is not needed.

I am aware of the ability to exclude full directories, but I have MANY directories I am excluding.