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We are facing some issues concerning copying log files from IIS servers.

There is need for an automated FTP copy from (about 100) webservers, that copies all files from 'yesterday' till 5 days back. So, the log of 'today' remains on-site due to the fact it's in use.

I was woundering if this would be possible with useing the 'GETDATE' command with some switches like ' - 1, -2, -3 '?

Thanks for youre reply.
The GETDATE command (http://www.scriptftp.com/reference.php?go=topic400)is used to get the current date not the file modification date. As of ScriptFTP 3.0 there is no commands to perform date operations on files.

Some users have already requested to add commands to handle file dates. I'm thinking about it and I'm almost sure that they will come with the new version which should arrive before this year end.

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